At Valley Bus, we know that there is no substitute for excellent training. This is why we set the bar high, and leave industry standards behind. Traditional school contracts require approximately 15 hours of training per year. At Valley Bus, our drivers receive more than 50 hours of continuing education each year.

Our extensive training program, managed by on-staff certified safety trainers, goes above and beyond requirements and expectations. We believe it's important to have the best drivers on the road.

At Valley Bus, our safety record and level of professionalism is unmatched. To assure the continuance of our level of service, our employees receive:

  • General First Aid certification
  • CPR and seizure training
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training
  • Defensive Driving training
  • Behavioral and Crisis Situation training
  • Special Needs training
  • Twice annual Commercial Drivers License (CDL) re-evaluation
  • Fire Emergency training
  • Bus Evacuation training

Through a partnership with area emergency personnel, Valley Bus is able to offer the very best in safety training.

A continuing relationship with the Cass Co. Sheriff's office assures that the defensive driving training that our employees receive is the very best.

Working with the Fargo/Moorhead Ambulance Service and the American Heart Association, offering industry-leading First Aid, CPR, Seizure and Automated External Defibrillator training is a reality.