With Valley Bus, your safety is second to none.

Our work at Valley Bus is endless, as we know the responsibility you place in our hands. Safety is the foundation of which our company is built. We know that our dedication to your prompt and safe arrival ensures that you can make the most out of your day. Be it your child’s ride to school or your responsible ride for a weekend, Valley Bus is the only choice.

Riding the bus to school is iconic to our childhood and our education, just as a shuttle after a wedding ceremony plays a role in the joining of two lives. Be it a bright yellow school bus or a sleek and modern motor coach; Valley Bus will get you there.

At Valley Bus, we are transportation. We are not only a full-service student busing solution, but also a regional charter and shuttle provider. As the Red River Valley’s only choice for safe and efficient transportation solutions, we can take you from your doorstep to school or from coast to coast.

Safety for our passengers, our students and friends, is the key to our customer-oriented approach. Busing services include home-to-school, athletic events, field trip transportation and others. Our variety of available motor coaches assures that you have the perfectly sized and equipped selection for a trip downtown, or across the country.

Our vision is to serve the Red River Valley with personalized service. Our customers are students, school districts, families and businesses whose experience is shaped through the consistently safe and dependable service that we provide.

We uphold these values each day to make our vision a reality:

Safety – Our passengers’ safe arrival at their destination is always our primary focus. The lives of your loved ones are in our hands, and that is something that we never take for granted.

Service – When it comes to your satisfaction, no one will work harder to gain it. Valley Bus is built on service and will forever guide it.

Community – We respect the morals, ethics and values of our Midwestern community. At Valley Bus we hold those feelings dear and represent them whether traveling across town or across the country.